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Tipbox Coin

Tipbox is a decentralised Blockchain Network that enables seamless, transparent tipping in the Service & Hospitality Industry.

At the same time, Tipbox is also an Investment Platform that lets users invest tips in various different ways.

Tipbox’s ecosystem is building the internet of tips.

To change the world, we say #KeepTheChange


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The Tipbox Platform

The Tipbox platform has multiple layers that empower its tipping ecosystem. Together, these solutions from the basis for an end-to-end tipping platform powered by decentralised. peer-to-peer technology.

Tipbox Blockchain

The Tipbox Blockchain is an extremely fast decentralised payment network that can transact fungible and non fungible tokens between any two parties.

Tipbox Invest

Tipbox Invest is an investment platform that lets anyone invest Tipbox Coin into an array of different offerings.

TipboxID Wallet

The TipboxID Wallet lets users seamlessly send and receive tips. It also enables users to verify their identity, enabling full trust.

See how Tipbox works

Fiat & Crypto Payments

Pay tips to anyone with any payment method you like. From crypto, to traditional payment methods such as credit cards & bank transfers.

Simply scan a QR code and start tipping within seconds, anywhere at any time.

Share Tips & Review Service

Easily share tips with as many employees as you like. Let customers split tips across your employees with ease and give them the power of deciding who gets how much.

Let customers review the staff's service and incentivise staff to aim for a high review score, improving customer satisfaction.

Custom Tokens

Your Brand, Your Token. Issue your own Tokens on the Tipbox Blockchain.

Supporting both fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFT), the Tipbox Blockchain enables you to create your own tipping mechanisms with ease-

About our products

How Tipbox revolutionises

Tipbox is committed to empowering businesses to increase both employee and customer satisfaction

Employee Tipping

We will integrate an employee tipping system across your entire organisation.


Employee Investment Platform

We enable your employees to easily invest their tips on Tipbox Invest.

Workforce Identity

The TipboxID Wallet enables a seamless experience to verify workforce Identity and enable SSO access to various business systems.


TPBX is the universal tipping currency of the digital world and can be used globally to tip individuals in the service and hospitality industries.

Social Responsibility

2% Minting Donation

Tipbox Coin integrates social responsibility into the business model. 2% of every 10 billion TPBX tokens minted is allocated to support charitable organizations. This means that everything you do with Tipbox Coin has a purpose.

2% Transaction Fee Donation

Every Tipbox Coin transaction, including tips, directs a 2% share to charitable organizations, fulfilling our social responsibility. This is groundbreaking in the crypto world and means that you leave a footprint of kindness with every transaction.

Choose your favourite cause to support

Choose which charitable cause you would like to support when moving in the Tipbox ecosystem. Eery person has a different cause at heart and we believe in giving the power to the user when it comes to choosing the charitable organization they would like to support


Every Donation will be visible on the Tipbox Blockchain with a fully transparent receipt of the the contribution. This avoids any misunderstandings or risks of funds not being contributed to the charities. We enable full transparency when it comes to the donations provided through Tipbox.

Powering the internet of tips

Tipbox Blockchain

The Tipbox Blockchain is a dedicated public blockchain that powers the tipping economy.

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Low fees and deep liquidity

Tipbox Invest is not only a cryptocurrency exchange, but an entire investment platform that lets users invest 

our vision
"Transforming Tipping, Empowering Social Impact: Tipbox Coin's Vision for a Generous Future"

“Our vision at Tipbox Coin is to create social impact and transform the culture of tipping by providing support to charitable organizations worldwide. We aim to make every tip count by leveraging blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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At Tipbox Coin, we provide businesses with the opportunity to have their own tokens and take the lead in making charitable contributions. 

By minting tokens on our network, your business can make a significant impact by supporting charitable causes while enabling all the advantages of having a token as part of your business.

Tipbox Coin is not just a payment solution for businesses, but also a value source. Businesses can mint their tokens on the Tipbox Coin network, building their own ecosystem. This provides businesses with more independence and transaction flexibility.