Tipbox Coin wallet overview:

To securely store and manage Tipbox Coin, you will need a wallet. You can create a wallet using a trusted wallet provider or application. Using your wallet address, you can receive, send, and store Tipbox Coin. To keep your wallet secure, make sure to use a strong password, enable two-factor authentication, and regularly backup your wallet.

Tipboxcoin supports metamask and other EVM compatible wallets

NOTE: Check compitibility before using wallet, Ledger is not supported.


Please add custom network in Metamask to start using Tipboxcoin Mainnet and Testnet.

Please download Metamask from its official website:https://metamask.io

Tipboxcoin Testnet

Add Tipboxcoin Testnet into Metamask:

Network Name: Tipboxcoin Testnet
New RPC URL: https://testnet-rpc.tipboxcoin.net
Chain ID: 4141
Currency Symbol: TPBX
Block Explorer URL: https://testnet.tipboxcoin.net


Tipboxcoin Mainnet

Add Tipboxcoin Mainnet into Metamask:

Network Name: Tipboxcoin Mainnet
New RPC URL: https://mainnet-rpc.tipboxcoin.net
Chain ID: 404040
Currency Symbol: TPBX
Block Explorer URL: https://tipboxcoin.net